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2020 and 2021 threw a wrench at a lot of weddings and the whole wedding planning process. A lot of you had to postpone your weddings more than once. The stress and anxiety that came with it was exponential. This is why we partnered with actress, entrepreneur, host & creative producer Sara Quiriconi, @livefreewarrior to learn how to reduce stress for your big day!


What are some easy tips/tricks we can all do from the comfort of our own home in order to reduce stress?

  1. Meditate

Try either one of these easy visualization exercises: 

  1. Visualize the flower you chose for the bouquet, see it in detail. What are the colors? Its shape? How does it bloom? What does the petal look like? See each and every detail in your mind in nature’s natural perfection.
  2. Visualize the honeymoon, or the JOY in the I DO moment. Find those points that are designated with happiness and you know will be perfect just as they are. 

  1. Breathe

Quick way to destress? BREATHE!

Inhale to the count of 4 :: Hold to the count of 4 :: Exhale to the count of 4

Repeat 4-6 times, and let the STRESS GO!

  1. Self Massage

Self-Massage these areas on the body to destress:

Facial Massage, massaging around the temples, the jawbone, and around the forehand to ease stress and muscle tension. 

Side of the Hand and Forearm, which are holders of stress and can relax the entire mind and body doing so. 

In addition, try this dry-brushing exercising to get the lymphatic (blood cleaners) system moving to help keep your immunity high, stress and toxins lower, and (bonus) can help prevent/minimize cellulite too:

  1. Mantra

Bring your mind back to a state of calm with a MANTRA. You can make one up that resonates with you, or feel free to choose one of these simple to remember suggestions below: 

  1.  “Everything is working the way it’s meant to be”
  2. “I am LOVE”

Or, try this mantra exercise: 

  1. Music Playlist

Create a Playlist That Evokes The Emotion You Want. This can be any list of songs that resonate for you, or directs the emotion you’re in need of. Have these saved, and ready to go for when you need to Calm, Energize, or Focus and you just need to Hit Play, Dance it Out, Tune In.

My Spotify profile

Never Settle Podcast on Spotify

  1. Stretch/Yoga

Destress EVERY DAY With Movement. Bookmark this in, creating a lifestyle habit to move, flex and stretch your body. Here’s two suggestions in the videos below:
(Calm and Destress) 

(Better Bride Posture) 

Any additional tips or classes that you offer for a more guided wellness plan?

If you’d like more guidance on creating an empowered healthy lifestyle with habits that stick, check out the full 28 Day Live Free RENEW program from our wellness guide, Sara Quiriconi, featured here on Warrior University:



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