Friday Inspiration: Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

What comes to mind when you think about your future wedding dress? Is it long and white with ruffles, laces, and delicate beading? Or do you dream about walking down the aisle in a floral gown paired with a flower crown?

Whatever it may be, non-traditional wedding dresses are all the rage right now! Step away from traditional styles and inject some of your own unique personality into the wedding! Check out our photo inspiration below.

Pretty in Petals

Floral wedding dresses are a great way to infuse boho vibes into a wedding! Get creative with the colors and prints to find a wedding dress that really speaks to your playful and creative side.


Featured Image: Allison Jeffers Photography


Photo Credit: Alixann Loosle Photography

Comfy Chic

White jumpsuits are chic and simple. They make for the perfect wedding ensemble for a sleek and put together look.


Photo Credit: Jose Villa Photography


Photo Credit: Miguel Marino Photography

Two-Piece Love

Separates are popular among brides and we can see why! There’s just something ethereal and romantic about getting married in a two-piece.


Photo: Erin Jean Photography  


Photo: Stephanie Williams Photography

Which is your favorite non-traditional wedding dress?


4 Comments on Friday Inspiration: Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

  1. Rachel says:

    I’ve seen the two piece gowns here and there around the internet. I think they look great! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  2. I’m usually not a big fan of non-traditional wedding dresses. However, I absolutely love the white one with purple flowers. It’s so pretty and simple, but it’s not overwhelming.

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