Happy Earth Day from Azazie!

In celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to share all of the ways that Azazie is kind to the planet! Here is an inside look at our zero waste manufacturing processes and sustainable business practices.

Azazie bridal gown, wedding dress, Earth Day

Step 1: A customer places their order online at azazie.com. We thank you wholeheartedly for your business, and you await the arrival of your beautiful dress!

Step 2: As soon as we receive your order, our factories go to work cutting your dress according to the measurements you provide. Because we know the sizing ahead of time, we only order as much fabric and materials as we need to make the dress, leaving no waste in the process!

Step 3: Because we are a made-to-order company, we do not produce more than is necessary to meet demand. We only carry 3% overstock at a time (unlike the average retailer, who carries 25% overstock), minimizing waste production and conserving energy.

Step 4: No dress is scrapped! Many fashion retailers burn, shred, or landfill their unsold clothing. Most companies use incineration, under the misconception that this method saves energy – however, in reality the amount of energy captured in the incinerators is nowhere near as much energy as it  takes make the clothing.

At Azazie, we do not burn or destroy unworn clothing. Each year, Azazie donates all excess inventory to the Princess Project, a non-profit organization that helps young women find their dream prom dress free of charge!

Azazie bridesmaid dresses, Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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