Introducing the Pnina Tornai for Azazie Bridesmaid Collection

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Pnina TornaiBig News! Azazie has partnered with couture bridal designer, Pnina Tornai, on her stunning debut bridesmaid collection! Pnina Tornai is praised for her modern and innovative designs, and has incorporated premium fabrics including lace, sequins, satin, velvet, and mikado into her new collection. Learn more about the inspiration behind this exclusive collaboration from Pnina herself:

Pnina Tornai Bridesmaid DressesVisit her instagram here: @pninatornai

1. What was your personal inspiration for the collection?

My calling is to inspire and empower women. I already do this with my brides and often with their families, but it was important to me to extend that to the special women in my brides’ lives and to have the opportunity to dress and connect with so many more wonderful women. My brides are my greatest inspiration, and designing bridesmaids dresses is another way for me to support them as well— by creating the perfect bridesmaids dresses to frame my bridal gowns. I have always advised my brides regarding their bridesmaids’ attire, but I wanted to bring something to the market that I felt was missing.

2. Why work with Azazie for this specific collection?

Azazie is a well-established and trusted brand in bridesmaids, and after meeting with the Azazie team I loved that they were full of energy and ready to embrace my vision and couture sensibility. I immediately connected with Azazie from a creative and marketing point of view, almost as if I was working with my own team. With Azazie’s enthusiasm and experience with bridesmaids dresses, I knew they would be able to help me turn my vision into reality. 

3. How does this new collection differ from your previous ones?

I’ve never designed bridesmaids dresses before!  I do come from a background of couture evening gowns, but there is definitely a difference, and I had to adapt myself to this new world of bridesmaids. The biggest difference for me was thinking about the interaction between the different dresses— I want to make sure that I am honoring the individuality of every woman in the bridal party while still creating a unified look that fits the bride’s vision and color scheme for her wedding day.

4. What is your favorite piece from the collection?

I wouldn’t say “favorite piece”, because with bridesmaids it is all about an assortment of variations on a theme. My favorite of those themes is a beautiful corded alençon lace, with which I created a one-shoulder gown and a cropped, off-the-shoulder top that can be paired with a fit-and-flare skirt or wide-leg pant. I love the lace styles because they create a beautiful backdrop for the bride, but also stand on their own as gorgeous dresses that can be worn to any special occasion. 

Pnina Tornai Signature Lace

Pnina Nude

“When I started working on my bridesmaid collection, I was so excited to play with all of Azazie’s beautiful colors. The one color I felt was missing was my Pnina Nude— a nude color that I love to wear myself and feel is a perfect, stunning neutral that flatters without drawing too much attention away from the bride. I always include gowns with nude linings under the white or ivory lace in all of my bridal collections, because I love the softness of nude, and I wanted to share that with my bridesmaids as well.”

5. What fabrics/embellishments were used?

Coming from the world of couture, I have worked with every beautiful fabric that exists. Since I want my bridesmaids collection to carry the essence and spirit of my couture brand, I chose to create the dresses from beautiful stretch satin, flowy chiffon, elegant mikado, glittering sequins, and floral lace

6. What styles can we expect to see?

In every one of my couture bridal collections, I make sure to design a dress for every woman out there, from the traditional to the bold and daring. I made sure to do the same with my bridesmaids collection, because while the bridesmaids are there to support the bride, they deserve to feel fantastic in their dresses as well. I want my bridesmaids to feel that they’re wearing Pnina! I added my signature silhouettes, techniques, and details into this collection, to give a taste of the Pnina Bride experience to my beautiful bridesmaids… some of whom might be my future brides!

7. What inspired the colors/textures in this collection?

Stepping into the world of color was such an exciting experience for me since I have been living in 50 shades of white for so long! With bridesmaids, the sky is the limit with colors, and Azazie offers an amazing range of colors. I really enjoyed diving in and exploring an endless world of colors and shades. For my first shoot with Azazie, I chose colors like Black, Burgundy, Dark Navy, and Pnina Nude, because I personally feel that they create the most beautiful backdrops for my brides, but I really want to encourage my brides to choose the colors that feel right for them. I also wanted to offer a wide variety of textures and fabrics in similar colors, so that each bridesmaid could choose the fabric, as well as the style, that makes her feel most beautiful.

Pnina Tornai Bridesmaid Dresses

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