5 Secrets for Looking Your Best on Your Wedding Day

It seems like every time I open my inbox, there are half a dozen wedding blog newsletters advertising pre-wedding beauty regimens. “12 Easy Steps to Get Fit Before Your Fitting.” “How Soon Should You Start Botox?” “Acid Peels for the DIY Bride.” When I stare at headlines like these, it’s no wonder that the term “Bridezilla” exists. The pressure to try to erase everything you’ve ever been insecure about in your physical appearance has never been greater.


The annoying thing about all of these probably helpful articles and tips is that they often leave out some pretty important beauty details that really will make or break your wedding-day looks. Luckily, anyone who is reading this post will now have these secrets handy.

Know your measurements

Your size and your measurements are not your enemy. Ordering your dress based on the size of the dress you wore to a wedding last year, however, is a wedding fashion don’t. There is nothing more empowering than shopping with your current measurements and then actually receiving a dress that fits properly. If you can’t get to a local tailor or seamstress to have your measurements taken by a professional, check out our instructional videos to take them with the help of a friend.

Starve yourself…of body hate

If you want to eat healthier and hit the gym, go for it. Resist the urge to obsess over any of these crazy wedding fad diets, though, and focus instead on embracing your body, whatever size you are. If you look uncomfortable in in your skin (or the three pairs of Spanx under your dress), it will show up in so many awkward ways. Happy brides come in all sizes! Choose happiness, not hangry-ness.

Skip the crown

Your wedding is not really about being a princess for a day (that’s what birthdays are for, right?), it’s about celebrating your love and commitment to your partner. You should be treated like a princess, yes. Acting like a royal pain, though? Not a pretty picture for your wedding album. Not even if you wear a tiara.


Wear sunblock

We get it. Sun-kissed skin glows like no other – that is, except for glaring tan lines, or worse, sunburn. Not a lovely look. SPF 50 or bust, baby.

Botox away your “stress face”

JK, there’s no amount of Botox or concealer that can cover up that vein popping out of your forehead. Things will go wrong, or not quite right. Focus on enjoying yourself, and let others worry about fixing whatever problems arise. Fun looks way better on Instagram than a flip out. And if all else fails, picture yourself on your future honeymoon, piña colada in-hand, your fiancé fanning you with a palm frond while feeding you grapes. That should do the trick.

Bonus tip: Enjoy every little moment!

Ask any bride, and they’ll tell you that even if you’ve spent over a year planning for this day, your wedding will go by in a blink of an eye. Make it a memorable one by making sure that you give yourself the opportunity to savor every moment…and bite of cake.


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