Real Azazie Wedding | Ashley + Luis

Ashley and Luis were married in a gorgeous wedding at Millwick in downtown Los Angeles. The bridesmaids wore an assortment of Azazie dresses, including the Yazmin, Kristen, Hillary and Cherish.

All photos were taken by Pie Shoppe Photography.


Q: Why did you choose this place for your wedding?

“We chose Millwick because we wanted a unique experience for our guests – most of whom were either local to LA or traveling from Mexico City. We also chose it for it’s industrial vibe mixed with sustainability… it demonstrates the harmony of two vastly different cultures coming together to create a unique and fulfilling relationship. Millwick is a relatively new venue for events, but stores so much history, much of which is preserved.”

Q: Did you have a particular theme?

“We had an elegant and energetic modern Mexican theme set out for our wedding. Instead of focusing on colors, we had metallic and metal accents. The table setting was a palette mixing rose gold metallic napkins, gold chargers and silverware. Ashley’s bouquet was neutral florals with spray painted metallic greenery.

To create the modern Mexican vibe, we worked with local artisans in Mexico City to create the perfect handmade accents just for our wedding. They created the metallic Moravian stars and the tin hearts, which then Luis’s parents brought in a suitcase just days before the wedding. We used while paper picado to line the ceremony chairs and a metallic pinata as our guest book.”


Q: What was the most memorable part of the day?

“There were so many memorable moments, here’s one of them… Luis’ sister, Paulina, could not travel from Mexico for the wedding because she had a baby just weeks before the wedding. While thrilled for the newest addition to the family, the whole family was disappointed we wouldn’t share this moment with her – however, Paulina and I had a plan. We worked with the coordinator and one of the groomsmen, and through the power of technology, Paulina was part of the bridal party. The groomsman walked down the aisle with an iPad with Paulina on screen. She was all done up and wearing a grey dress (just like all the other bridesmaids). As he carefully carried the iPad down the aisle and Paulina waved to everyone in the crowd, tears and fulfilled hearts set the tone for our wedding ceremony. Both our families were so thrilled that Paulina and her family got to be present during the entire wedding ceremony.”


Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“Because my bridesmaids were coming from both Mexico and around the US, I wanted to make it easy on them, so I originally told them to buy a long grey dress… whatever they could find. Turns out, that is a very difficult thing to find! I realized it was going to be hard to keep a consistent feel and look for the wedding, so I looked around for an option that would allow for girls to pick their own styles, but all in the same color. I saw rave reviews for Azazie, but was a little hesitant that I couldn’t actually see the dresses, and I was running out of time, so I couldn’t order a sample to test it out. I decided it was worth the risk, and it definitely was indeed! We were all really in love with the style options, the quality of the material, the fit and the gentle price tags! The color looked great on the girls. Azazie made the whole experience of asking my bridesmaids to get dresses a lot less stressful – I was so glad they could get beautiful dresses in a lovely color, in a style they liked at a price they could afford. It was a win!”

Q: Any tips for soon-to-be brides?

“It’s really hard to stay on budget, and especially when it comes to weddings. I learned that there is a difference between target budget and maximum budget. Target budget was how much I wanted to spend, and maximum budget was the max I knew I was comfortable spending. I suggest telling wedding vendors your target budget, and keep your maximum budget to yourself. For example, if you know you want to spend a maximum of $3,000 on something, tell them your budget is $2500. That way, when you want to add something (a special kind of flower, or upgrade your silverware or special order desserts, or whatever), you have a buffer space to work within.

Also, go to a wedding tailor for wedding dress alterations! Regular tailors simply don’t have an eye for wedding dress construction and details. I went to a regular tailor (whom I had used for years and they have always been great) and they nearly ruined my dress. I was fortunate to find a second tailor, a wedding tailor, who was able to fix the dress the best she could within 3 days! I was lucky, but definitely wish I had just shelled out the extra cash for a wedding tailor in the first place.”


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?

“Yes! I am an organization lover… so my hard drive was full of spreadsheets, inspiration boards and DIY projects. I enjoyed working with the vendors to create an unforgettable experience for myself, my husband, our families and each of the guests.”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.




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  1. Lauren says:

    What is the color of these Azazie dresses? The dark grey looks almost green in these photos, it’s beautiful!

    • karen says:

      Hi Lauren! These look like our dresses in the color Steel Grey! But we always recommend ordering a color swatch because colors may look different under different lighting and devices! ❤️

  2. Rachel says:

    This made me feel so much better about my Matron of honor! I have her in a different color dress and was stressed out that it would look bad but this took my worries away!

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