Real #Azazie Wedding | Jaimie + Ryan

We so excited to be heading into spring, but we had to share this dreamy fall wedding with you! Jaimie + Ryan are high sweethearts who got married on their sixth anniversary (awww!) We love the combination of Pearl Pink and Burgundy gowns with the natural bouquets with light pink accents. See some of our favorite photos from this big, romantic wedding, and read more about their adorable love story below:

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jaimie + Ryan

Dresses:  Elaine, Abbey, Raquel, Keyla, Melody, Kaitlynn, Yazmin & Bonnie

Q: You and your hubby are so cute! How did you know that your partner was the one?

“We are actually high school sweethearts, and got engaged on our 5 year anniversary of when I was “asked out” in our high school hallway before first hour class! Our wedding day marked our 6 year anniversary to the date! Since we were 16, I have always known Ryan was “the one”, and was anxiously awaiting the day we could make it official. I am so happy to call my best friend my husband, finally! :)”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jaimie + Ryan

Dresses: Ginger & Yazmin

Q: If you could relive any moment during your wedding day what would it be?

“If I couldn’t just relive the entire day on repeat, I would relive reading my vows! I dug out our high school notebook and wrote my vows in it. (No cellphones in high school meant passing notes between classes! We chose a yellow notebook to pass rather than individual notes!)  Our first note was 11-03-2011, and ended with my now-husband calling me cute, and signing it “Sincerely, Ryan”. I started my vows by having the notebook handed up my row of bridesmaids, and surprising Ryan with it. As soon as he saw it, he gave the sweetest smile, and I knew I had pulled off the surprise! I read the date of the first entry, and then the short bit at the end from Ryan. I then turned to the back of the notebook and read the date “November 3, 2017″ and started with ‘Dear Ryan,’ Writing my vows in such a special way, and seeing his reaction; pure joy, trying not to cry, and love, meant so much to me, and I am so happy to have that memory.”  

Q: Celebrating your big day means making tons of decisions. What was your favorite part of the planning experience?

“I loved customizing every detail and working with vendors. Honestly, my favorite part of the entire planning experience was meeting & working with so many talented vendors. I had a general (Pinterest inspired) idea of what I was looking for, and through many conversations and planning sessions, I was amazed at how wonderfully everything came together.”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jaimie + Ryan

Dress: Raquel

Q: What inspired you to choose your wedding colors/theme?

“Our date and location were non-negotiable: November 3rd & Minnesota. A late fall wedding in Minnesota easily threatens snow, freezing temperatures, and grey skies. Knowing this, I spent time searching for what looks best in snow & gloomy weather. I knew I needed a rich fall color, that could also be considered to be winter, and something that wouldn’t get washed out! The Burgundy/Cabernet with accents of dusty pink, grey, and gold proved perfect for our needs! I went through LOTS of color swatches, but am so happy with my final decision.”

Q: We’re so honored that you chose us! Why did you choose Azazie to be a part of your special day?

“Azazie was truly an easy choice for me. I knew from day one there was no way to make 9 bridesmaids (with very different shapes) all happy in one style, so having so many options was perfect! I also really liked being able to send swatches to myself to see the colors in person, compare, and find good accents. Being able to create my showroom to put a few restrictions for my more conservative family (ex: no slits in dresses, no deep Vs, etc.) allowed me to give my girls around 85 dresses to choose from, and also meant I didn’t have to say “no” to one of their choices because I had already narrowed it down! A few of the girls ordered dresses to try on at home, which was super helpful as well. Besides all the logistical reasons, the dresses looked SO good!!”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jaimie + Ryan

Dresses: Elaine, Abbey, Raquel, Keyla, Melody, Kaitlynn, Yazmin & Bonnie


Q: How did you decide on your wedding venue?

“My husband and I are both pretty modern, and were looking for a unique space that we could host both the ceremony and the reception. A’bulae is a beautiful space in downtown St. Paul that has a lot of room (we had almost 350 guests!), a huge dance floor, great staff, and in house catering. The venue was designed by wedding planners, and it really helped having so many experts make our day flawless!”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jaimie + Ryan

Dresses: Elaine, Abbey, Raquel, Keyla, Melody, Kaitlynn, Yazmin & Bonnie


Q: Many of our readers are brides-to-be. Do you have any tips for these lovely ladies?

“Listen to your bridesmaids was the best advice I was given, and I would love to pass that along! For most brides, their group of gals is a random collection of girls from different parts of their lives, rarely do all the girls know each other, which can be intimidating! It’s your job to make them feel appreciated, comfortable, and excited. Your bridesmaids can honestly make your day so much easier, and it should not be taken advantage of! I made a conscious effort to be as mindful of my bridesmaids (costs, preferences, happiness, etc.) and WOW did it pay off. I already had an amazing group of girls, but they all stepped up and helped in ways I couldn’t have ever dreamed. I’m SO thankful for all they did to help, and am glad that we had zero drama with so many girls!”

Q: We loved hearing all about your special day! Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

“I am just so grateful for all the people who helped make our day so special, it was honestly picture perfect! Thanks to Azazie for making my best friends look so good, and thanks to Paola, Kali, Anna, Sydney, Courtney, Kaia, Kelsey, Savannah, Victoria, and Ariana for everything you did for our wedding!”

Real #Azazie Wedding | Jaimie + Ryan

Dresses: Elaine, Abbey, Raquel, Keyla, Melody, Kaitlynn, Yazmin & Bonnie

Photography by Lori Dozier Photography.


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  1. Lillian Hall says:

    High school sweethearts getting married – that’s always a very romantic story. Congratulations to Jaimie and Ryan.

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