Real Azazie Wedding | Liz + Dan

Liz and Dan tied the knot at Misty Farm in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their wedding featured blue as the main color with red, orange, and yellow accents.

For Liz, an important element of her wedding was that they incorporated local products. The flowers were local and the caterer used local ingredients, on top of serving up a vegetarian menu. Even the beer, wine, and liquor at their wedding was all made in Michigan. The couple made a strong effort to reduce the waste and damaging environmental impact of weddings by going local. The bridesmaids looked stunning in our Mila, Amani, Kinsley, and Annabella dresses.

All photos were taken by E.C. Campbell Photography.


Q: What were you looking for in a venue?
“Our main criteria were that we wanted to be outdoors and we wanted it to be in or near Ann Arbor, where we live (also relatively central for family). It was beautiful and perfectly suited for our needs.”

Q: What’s the story behind your color scheme?
“It didn’t mean anything in particular; I just knew I wanted lots of bright color and I love those colors together. Our flowers ended up being basically every color because we wanted everything to be native and local, so there really wasn’t a strict overarching color scheme.”


Q: What was the most memorable moment for you?
“I don’t think I could choose one most memorable moment. Walking down the aisle, saying our vows, man of honor/best woman speeches (my husband’s and my best friends both happen to be the opposite gender), our first dance. One of my favorite moments of the reception was when EVERYONE was on the dance floor doing a line dance, I think the Wobble. The entire barn was crammed with people doing all the moves together and for some reason that in particular struck me with how pretty much everyone we love in the world was in one place to celebrate with us. We also had an impromptu sibling dance and that was very special to me. I honestly didn’t expect my wedding to be the best day of my life — I feel like that’s a very lofty expectation and not necessarily reasonable as a goal — but it really was.”

EC Campbell

Q: Why did you pick Azazie for your bridesmaids dresses?
“When I started looking around online at bridesmaid dresses, I was looking for a particular color, I wanted to offer my bridesmaids (and groomsmaids!) a choice so they could each pick something they liked within some parameters, I wanted to keep it affordable, and it needed to be easy to coordinate everyone long-distance, as we had four girls in the wedding party and none of them lived nearby. Azazie offered lots of great options, I loved that everything was custom-sized, and the option to get a fabric sample was a huge thing for me.”

Q: Any advice for those getting married soon?
“Wow, that’s a big question. Do what you want and don’t be afraid to break with tradition if it’s not you. I never had an engagement ring. My husband and I each had two girls and two guys on our side of the wedding party. Both our parents walked us each down the aisle. Instead of bachelor/bachelorette parties we had a big casual hangout with our friends and had a bonfire and sang karaoke. I hate heels and flats, so the whole wedding party wore colorful sneakers. Our first dance consisted of swing dancing to Guster, our mutual favorite band. Though certainly some aspects of our wedding were more traditional and everything was lovely, these are the reasons I loved my wedding. Along with marrying the love of my life and having a party with all my favorite people, of course.”


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process?
“The planning process was pretty stressful for me because I was simultaneously in my first year of an extremely demanding graduate program. I definitely enjoyed some of the planning, but I wish I had had more time to enjoy it.”

Q: Describe your wedding in one word.

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