Azazie’s Basic Guide To Suits

We may specialize in female apparel here at Azazie, but that doesn’t mean we don’t value good fit for menswear. Proper tailoring is important for looking your best, especially when it comes to suits. We’re here to cover the basic things you need to know about what constitutes a good fit. There’s not much to it; making sure your groom or groomsmen look dapper is easy once you know what to keep an eye out for.

A contemporary suit is often clean with a trim fit. Unlike suits of yesteryear, men now often go for simpler and lighter fabrics with a more streamlined fit. This means thinner lapels, 2-button jackets, traditional flap pockets, and cuffed pants. There’s really nothing sexier than a well-dressed gentleman.


Via GQ Magazine

1. Shoulders – The shoulder pads on your suit should end right at your shoulders, which means that when you put the suit on, the fit should be firm. Most men tend to buy sizes that are too big for them and the shoulders slouch. On the other hand, the size is too small if there’s creasing. The shoulder should look like it’s at a perfect point.

2. Lapel – The lapel is a focal point of your suit. It should lie perfectly flat and your fingers should be able to slip easily under them when the top or middle button is fastened. Instead, if you try to place your fist under the lapel, the suit should pull. A gap between your jacket and shirt collar means that the suit is ill-fitting.

3. Waist – Your suit should nip around the waist and follow the natural curvature of your body, whether you have broad shoulders or not. If your suit has 2 buttons, the top button should fall below your navel. For a 3 button suit. The middle one should fall below your navel. When your suit is buttoned, there should be no pull at all.

4. Sleeves – Ill-fitting sleeves is a common. The sleeves should be tapered and the width shouldn’t allow for more than one finger on each side. As for the length, a quarter to half an inch of your shirt sleeve should be peeping out from under your suit. As a general rule, your jacket sleeve should end right where your thumb meets your wrist.

5. Sides – The side of your jacket should also have zero creasing when it’s buttoned. The length of the sides should be even with your knuckles when your arms are on the side. But the suit should always be long enough to cover your pants zipper and butt.

6. Trousers – Trousers that are fitted properly shouldn’t require a belt at all. Yet they shouldn’t tight; essentially, you should feel like you can run in them if you had to. The length should clip just the top of your toes and not waterfall over them, with about one inch of break.

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