Wedding Planning: OMG What Am I Forgetting?!


The thing that they never tell you about wedding planning is that you can easily spend a half a day just looking at “premium napkin linens.” You probably didn’t even know that premium napkin linens existed before this post, did you?

It seems like no matter which planning tool I use, there are a myriad of details that could be overlooked. Here are some of the things that are easy to overlook:

Place setting accessories

You’ve probably pinned about 100 centerpiece pictures (heck, maybe you have a whole pinboard dedicated to them), but have you thought about napkin rings, table runners, name cards, table numbers, or chargers? I don’t personally feel like most of these items are 100% necessary, but if the tableware plays a crucial part in setting the scene for your reception, well honey, you might want to start a new pinboard.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to a wedding where there wasn’t actually enough cake for all the guests. Were you one of the cakeless ones? You felt a little like you were on the bleachers watching everyone slowdance with their crushes at the middle school dance, didn’t you? Even if you don’t go with a big cake, you still might want to have some additional sweet treats for guests to enjoy when the cake runs out.

Your playlist

Wedding playlist are about more than dance tracks. Do you know what song you are going to play while guests file in for the ceremony, and what song will greet you when you first make your reception entrance as newlyweds? Here’s a rundown of the traditional moments to have a music playlist for:

Pre-ceremony music
Ceremony music
Cocktail music
Grand entrance music
Dinner music
First dance
Father & bride song
Mother & groom song
Honeymoon dance
Bouquet toss song
Garter toss song
Open dance music
Last song
…and the most crucial of the all: the “Do Not Play” list.

And if you’re planning any surprise choreographed numbers your DJ ought to know about those, too.

Childcare options

This is by no means a must, but if you will have a lot of kids running around your event where you will also have a lot of adults running around with drinks in their hands, bringing in hired childcare is not a bad way to go. Some venues actually have the contact info for a bonded childcare service recommendations at their disposal, so don’t be afraid to ask!


SPF is a crucial item that gets overlooked at far too many sunshiney events, making for a real lobster fest in photos. Take note now to have tubes of sunblock placed in the restrooms at your event so that guests can help themselves, as needed. Because you want to eat lobster on your honeymoon, not look like one.

What’s missing? If you think of anything, share it in the comments!

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