Etiquette for Alcohol & Drinking on your Special Day

An open bar almost seems like a wedding tradition. It’s a nice way to thank your guests for attending your special day, and a little alcohol is always fun. But the last thing you want is an intoxicated guest running up onto the DJ stage. Here’s how to keep your drinks fun, and stress-free!

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Bar Hours

Have your open bar only be available for a certain amount of time! We suggest having it be open a couple of hours between the ceremony and the beginning of the reception. This way, your guests can spend that time loosening up, and the wait between the vows and food won’t feel as long.

Signature Drinks

One way to keep your guests from overindulging is to limit the amount of drinks! Stock up on your basic beers and wine, and even feel free to add some signature drinks of your own. Other than that, keep other hard liquor and mixed drinks limited.


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Food & Water

Make sure you have enough food and water to go around. Having unlimited, non-alcoholic drinks will allow the guests to quench their thirst without having to consume alcohol! A small snack bar, or having a fun cocktail hour will keep your guests full (and busy).


Have a designated person who will be free to keep an eye out for anyone who drank too much. Make sure you have a stash of plastic bags hidden away somewhere – just in case.

At the end of the day, your guests are there to celebrate your love for one another. Try not to worry too much, prep as much as you can, and enjoy your night!

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