Real #Azazie Wedding | Stephanie + Matt

This nautical Disney wedding is a dream come true for all of our inner princesses! Stephanie and Matt passed up a large traditional wedding and opted for eloping on a fun Disney cruise ship to avoid the pre-wedding stress that often accompanies wedding planning. Feel the nostalgia, and reminisce on your childhood princess days with these beautiful Cinderella-esque pictures and peek-a-boo Mickey ear details!
Q: You and your hubby are so cute! How did you know that your partner was the one?
“I knew that Matt was the one very early on. He always had this look in his eyes when he looked at me that made me realize he saw so much more in me than anyone else ever had. I felt so beautiful and cherished and loved every time he looked at me that I knew he was special.”
Q: Who was the most nervous on your big day?
“Matt was definitely the most nervous. He is so sweet, he was only nervous because he wanted the day to be perfect for me. We got married on a ship, so we were in our stateroom together in the morning. My wedding dress was hanging in the room, and I had the curtain drawn so he couldn’t see it. The two of us were on either side of that curtain talking before the getting ready chaos began, and it was so peaceful to be alone. I never felt any nerves at all.”
Q: If you could relive any moment during your wedding day, which one would it be?
“If I had to pick a single moment from our wedding day, it would have to be the moment when I finished walking down the aisle. We just smiled at each other and said “hi” and it was the moment that I was least aware of anyone else being present. If I could pick a span of moments, I would choose to relive him reading his vows. Matt is a really goofy person, and I didn’t know what to expect from his vows. Somehow, he made them beautifully moving and had me crying, but also so deeply personal and unique that I couldn’t help but laugh.”
Q: Celebrating your big day means making tons of decisions. What was your favorite part of the planning experience?
“I loved the planning process! Truth be told, I had originally tried to plan a big, traditional wedding, but we ended up eloping, so my planning experience was a little less than traditional. We canceled the big wedding the day our deposit was due and picked a new date for only 100 days out the next day. That transition was my favorite part of the process. The big wedding was so stressful and dramatic, and it was hurting my relationship with many of my family members. Cutting that relieved so much pain and stress, it was wonderful. Then, in deciding to elope, everything just fell into place. It felt so “meant to be” the way every single detail worked out. Our anniversary was April 9th, and Matt proposed April 8th, so we really wanted to get married on either April 7th or 10th. We knew we wanted a Disney wedding, and of all the elopement venues, my favorite was onboard two of their cruise ships. One of them had a sailing the week of the 9th, and we were able to have our ceremony in my ideal venue on April 10th. Moving from planning being an uphill battle to being so perfectly simple and ideal just assured me that we had finally made the right choice.”
Q: What inspired you to choose your wedding colors/theme?
“Cinderella was the inspiration for much of the wedding. I really wanted a fairytale/princess wedding, with soft sky blue color schemes. When we decided to get married on the ship, I wanted to also incorporate the unique venue into our theme, so we brought in navy colors as well. We ended up with a nautical fairytale theme, and it perfectly married (pun intended) our two personalities.” 
Dress color: Sky Blue
Q: We’re so honored that we were a part of your special day! Why did you choose Azazie? 
“I originally chose Azazie because I was going to have one bridesmaid in Florida, one in Oregon, and two in Canada. The online showroom and home try-on options were really ideal for how spread out everyone was. I also loved the variety in color options and the fact that each person could have a dress that best fit their body types, but also looked great and cohesive together. After we decided to elope, we only had one bridesmaid. We started looking at additional options for her dress, but we ended up finding the perfect style through Azazie, and it was the best price. Plus, I loved that Matt’s bowtie and pocket square matched the bridesmaid dress, especially because with only one person in the bridal party, the cohesion stood out more.” 
Q: How did you decide on your wedding venue/where did you get the idea from?
“So we had originally decided on a different venue for our big wedding, but when we decided to elope, we scrapped nearly everything. One thing we maintained was that we were having a Disney wedding, but we needed a new venue. I looked at all the different venues that could be used for eloping, and found the perfect one onboard Disney Cruise Line.”
Q: Many of our readers are brides-to-be. Do you have any tips for these lovely ladies?
“Remember, wedding planning is supposed to be fun. If it isn’t fun, something’s got to give. Everyone told me to stick to my guns and do what I wanted for my wedding, but I tried so hard to push for the big wedding I had envisioned that it caused so much stress, drama, and strain on my relationships with my family. It wasn’t fun, and I knew the wedding I had envisioned wouldn’t come to, even if I forced everyone to be there. When we looked at things from a new angle and found a new vision for our day, everything became so much easier. Our wedding was the perfect celebration and reflection of us, I cannot imagine ever having done anything else. So, instead of sticking to your guns and fighting against the inevitable wedding complaints, my advice is to make sure that whatever you plan will be the most unique celebration of your relationship it can be.”
Note: The bridesmaid dress from this wedding has been discontinued. Shop Mavis for a similar look!

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